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About this class

Bringing my Top 3 Bestseller ‘The Baby Feeding Book’ to life, this 2.5 hour live online breastfeeding class will give you all my essential know-how to feel relaxed, confident and ready to breastfeed your baby… and all from the comfort of your own home! With real-life videos, photos and demonstrations, expert insight and the opportunity to interact and ask questions as we go along, this class is proving invaluable for many new parents.


Countless new parents look back and say “I wish I would have known….”. You don’t need to be in their camp! This class will give you the breastfeeding insight that really counts in real-life and is rarely covered in general antenatal sessions. Your chosen class will be recorded, enabling you to view it in your own time if you are unable to join the live session, or wish to go through it again.

  • How your body makes breastmilk and what breastmilk is
  • How babies are born knowing what to do
  • What to expect in the early days and weeks
  • How to understand your baby’s behaviour and how to respond
  • What ‘hypno-boobing’ is and how it can make all the difference!
  • How to find a great position for you and your baby
  • Why a ‘deep latch’ is important, how to achieve it and how to recognise it once you have
  • How to prevent and troubleshoot common hurdles such as painful breasts, ‘fussiness’ at the breast and weight gain worries
  • The answers to the most common breastfeeding questions such as; how long should a feed last? Do you offer 1 side or 2? How do you know if they are getting enough milk? Will I need to express? What about introducing a bottle? and much more!
  • How to hand expressing and why this is useful
  • How to build up and maintain a confident breastfeeding mindset
  • How and why partners or other loved ones can play such an important role
  • Where to find support


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