How To: Support Your Partner After Birth

How To: Support your partner after birth (birth partners only)

Thankfully, long gone are the days when expectant fathers had to wait outside the delivery room and were not involved in the immediate care of their child. However, antenatal classes are still aimed very much at the woman when discussing life after birth.

Whilst it’s true that nothing will prepare anyone 100% for the ups and downs of new parenthood until you are in it, many fathers and birth partners do say that they wished they had had some greater insight into how to understand and support their partner, before their babies were born.

This workshop is designed to meet these needs and provide a relaxed and open forum to discuss some fairly sensitive topics.

“It was well-worth spending a few hours with you Vanessa. Enlightening to say the least! Seriously though, we covered so many things that I had no concept of before and will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. I may well be in touch with you again in a few months!”
(James, London)
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Areas we cover:

? What her body is going through post-delivery

? How to support her physical recovery

? Baby blues, anxiety & post-natal depression

? Bonding with your baby

? Sex & relationships