Traumatic Experience Recovery

Traumatic Experience Recovery

The lasting impressions of any traumatic event can manifest in different ways. These may include:

? Heightened anxiety

? Difficulty sleeping

? Loss of confidence

? Tearfulness

? Panic attacks

? Nightmares

? Flashbacks

? Anger

? Difficulties in relationships

I work with both men and women who have experienced trauma in relation to pregnancy, birth or any aspect of new parenting using the 3-Step Rewind Technique. This is a renowned and proven technique for safely, swiftly and effectively lifting the heavy and difficult emotions related to traumatic memories, enabling clients to move forward free of the burden of many (and often all) of their symptoms. If you would like to find out more please do contact me for further information.

“I hadn’t realised just how much my difficult birth was tied up in how I had been feeling since… I can’t get over the turnaround. I honestly feel like a new person and everyone around me has noticed the change too. Thank you so much Vanessa” (Susie, Uckfield)